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Hidden parks can offer urban escapes, a wealth of trivia about a city’s history and a curious diversity of flora and fauna. But, especially when discussing tucked-away gardens in the French capital, romance and beauty certainly come to mind. Paris boasts of more than 400 parks and gardens spread over 20 arrondissements, many of which are internationally famous. But, this being the city of hidden passages and out-of-the-way cafes, it’s no surprise there’s also quite the collection of poetic escapes, many of which are located in the shadows of some of the city’s biggest tourist attractions.

Today a new editorial by Ahmed Bahhodh called ‘Rendez-vous a Batignolles’. It’s a neighbourhood for residents and one of the few places in Paris, where you won’t meet many tourists – if any!

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Rendez-vous a Batignolles

Photographs taken by Ahmed Bahhodh –

Styling / Hair / Make Up by Julie Engels

Assistant Adam

Models Jade, Noam, Lena, Luca and Eloane