Kids Fashion


Wondering how to beat the end-of-summer blues? With back-to-school shopping, of course! While you’re refreshing your child’s wardrobe and coloured pencil collection, take note of the Petite Bergamote AW17 collection.

Petite Bergamote is a Parisian fashion brand which was created from a huge passion for fashion and culture of the 50’s. The designers were inspired to create unique, elegant and chic clothes that would keep up with the charm and innocence of childhood.

Petite Bergamote utilizes rare and high quality fabrics in their collections, which are often produced in limited series. Designs are made for girls aged 4 to 8 years. The quintessence of the brand is undoubtedly in the details. Each model has its own unique accent, special finish, and cut which makes it inimitable. The designers pay close attention to the practicality of the product, thus every model is tested in the case of its convenience and comfort of usage. All models are created to be extraordinary; the only one of its kind.

Petite Bergamote is the materialization of the dreams of every lover of timeless elegance. The designers are still being inspired by the period where ideals of beauty were set by film and fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. Petite Bergamote is a set of projects charged with a sophisticated classic style mixed with girlish charm.

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Photography by Emily Kornya, children’s fashion photographer who works throughout Europe. She has recently moved back to Europe after completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature in translation and South Slavic Studies at The University of Toronto.