Kids Fashion


Gray Label just launched their AW17 collection, ‘My Way’. As explained by the founders, “For this collection, our inspiration was captured by the colour BURGUNDY; a warm deep brown-red, which is the colour of a warrior, bringing fierce power and determined ambition for those who stand for victory. Children do know what they want and do have an opinion, they only need space to speak out, and ears that listen to what they have to say.

We believe that our new minimalistic styles like the Straight Pant, Chunky Cardigan, L/S Long Dress or the Hooded Cardigan with snaps, enable kids to follow their trail. These are the styles allowing them to do it their way.

Creating the MY WAY experience, we worked with very courageous models who showed us how they wanted to be photographed. We just let them take the lead. Meet Victor, Beer, Paloma, Shay, Filippa and Betsy and follow their story through this season. Just follow them, and find out who they truly are.”

Gray Label produce minimalistic and easy-to-wear apparel that is tailored to fit children’s needs. Using soft-tones and only the best, 100% organic cotton, they seek to focus on making print-free, unisex children’s essentials made available to as many children around the world as possible.

You can find Gray Label at Orange Mayonnaise here.