Kids Fashion


Soft Gallery probably needs no introduction… founded in 2007 in Copenhagen by the creative duo Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller, the brand creates poetic luxury children’s clothing and together with local and international artists, they bring life to soft canvases. With a strong concept of having new collaborations each edition, every season and collection is therefore different and bears an organic flow of new beautiful impulses and variations. 

“Dream, risk, create. We are artisans. This is what we do“

The Soft Gallery AW17 collection, the Jubilee Collection, is a celebration of Soft Gallery’s 10 years anniversary and is created with the inspiration of an Artisan soul. Called The Artisan, the collection emphasizes the faithful and heartfelt essence behind the Soft Gallery universe, the sensitivity of an artist and creative inputs from modern life and the world that surrounds us.

The artworks are many and varied but all descend from the universe where the brand embraces the combination of delicate handwork and the poetic soul of an artisan. Eye catching hand embroideries of the starry night in golden tones, heart prints, colour popping artworks of paint brushes from the creative universe of the Painter, French Vintage looking cut of pork scheme and butchers symbols to underline the genuine artisan handcraft of the Artisan Butcher.

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