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Ocra is an eco-friendly shoe brand manufactured in the Le Marche region of Italy which combines classic chic with retro influences while respecting the environment. More than 80% of an Ocra shoe is made using sustainable materials. Each shoe is intricately handmade by Italian craftsmen using cork or natural latex soles and the softest skin-friendly vegetable-tanned leathers which will age beautifully and give comfort to a growing child’s foot. In keeping with their eco-philosophy, each shoebox contains a sachet of seeds for planting with the idea of teaching our children and us to give a little back to nature. Finally a sleek, chic, eco high quality luxury shoe line for children that we love!

You can find a great selection of Ocra’s shoes here 

To go back to school Alexander picked these beautiful Ocra shoes. Yes, he does gets to pick his own shoes and one day he will see him wearing his Tiger trainers and the next day these classy brown and blue desert boots crafted from soft leather with lace ups.  They’re so easy to combine with jeans or shorts. And yes, his teacher will have to help him with putting them on when he’s at school but I’m sure she won’t mind.

What do you think of Alexander’s new Ocra Desert Boots?

Do you let your children pick their own shoes?

Ocra dessert boots

Ocra boots

Ocra shoes



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