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The French have a very disciplined snacking system called “Le gouter”.  This snacking ritual is something very sacred to French children. Even my son whom goes to a French school but is half British, half Dutch gets drawn into the gouter mode. You see, French children NEVER miss having their gouter, and French parents (and foreign parents who live in France) NEVER forget to serve the gouter!

Bobo Choses

When you pick up your children from school, you hear “Mami! Le Gouter!” from the children. When you invite your child’s friends over to play, the gouter is ready for 4 PM. Likewise when your children are invited to play at their friend’s houses, they always eat the gouter there too. Usually it is a homemade cake, or crepes….

It gets more complicated if you have the parents coming over for gouter too…But usually the parents coming offer something for the snack, either their freshly made cake still warm out of the oven or something bought at the bakery! The 4 PM witching hour approaches…”Should we have the gouter? The kids must be getting hungry by now!” No wonder in France dinner isn’t until at least 7.30 PM.. How could the children eat the cake and dinner so soon afterwards?

Yes, the “Le gouter” experience is quite cultural and must be seen first hand.  It is a very disciplined affair, also in the fact that children don’t eat anything between lunch (which is the main meal of the day) until the gouter…The refrigerator is closed.  So, when the children do eat that gouter, it better be good!  I remember one time laughing like crazy with one of my friends because we watched a scene after school. A student was going to be dropped off somewhere directly and was going to miss the gouter. This 8-year-old looked at her mum, horrified, and said, “But mummy, WHAT ABOUT THE GOUTER????” OMG…we were laughing, My friend and I.. Can’t French kids live ONE DAY without the gouter? Apparently not…! 

Well, this mummy wasn’t well prepared today and Alexander got a bit of a baguette and a fruit compote! Next time it will be a crepe again! Yes, with Nutella!

Do your kids have a snack ritual?  Would love to hear about it.


Le Gouter

A bit of baguette after school…


Mummy always with her phone…

Thats me

Alexander testing the camera… Not bad!

molo kids


Le Pezze

Beautiful scarf from the Italian brand Le Pezze.

Maxi double side scarves,  one side made of felpaor sweatshirt and the other side made of cotton, decorated with lovely small pom poms.

Definitely a musthave for mummies and their children if you ask us! You can use it in so many different ways and in every season!


We’re always so happy to see each other after school!

Mother and son

My little boy telling me all about his day!

Alexander is wearing a molo T-shirt with cars print, H&M jeans shorts and Maa Shoes. Our bags are from Bobo Choses available at Broer & Zus.