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The label, Freddy Alphabet, likes to spend most of their time translating ‘Monster’ as there are not enough people who speak ‘Monster’ these days. This exciting label, founded back in November 2012,  hand makes and screen print their entire collection in Australia. For Freddy Alphabet it’s all about having fun with their favourite hobbies listed as talking to dinosaurs and taking bus rides. It’s edgy, it’s cool… It’s a label you’ll want hanging in your child’s wardrobe and it’s one they’ll want to wear.

The Freddy Alphabet collection features more than just clothing, toys, cushions and fabrics are also included. The clothing range is available in sizes 0-3 months through to 6 years old and available at

For Alexander I bought the Monster Sloppy Joe jumper as he is convinced there’s monsters everywhere. Especially now that Halloween is around the corner he keeps talking about them! Like the Sloppy Joe?!

If you want to know more about Freddy Alphabet’s Selina Kosak, read the interview from a couple of weeks ago here

Monster Sloppy Joe

Monster Sloppy Joe

Freddy Alphabet

The Freddy Alphabet jumper combined with his favourite jeans. Toots MacGinty it is!

Monster Sloppy Joe - Freddy Alphabet

Bought him the book “32 Ways to Dress a Cat“. This book is perfectly sized for little hands, and can be easily packed for restaurant or car trips and even for long walks when you’d like to take a little break.

Colouring his Wee Gallery book!

He loves colouring! If you want to see the result… Go to our Instagram

Freddy Alphabet meets Maa shoes

 Alexander loves this handmade necklace that’s made out of wooden beads, a little animal and a magnetic lock. Super easy to put on by himself! His leather brown boots are from the Spanish label Maa shoes