This week a guest blog from Dino Deluxe ‘s webshop owner Katrin. She went to the theatre with her son Nils yesterday.

“Both Nils and I really had a nice time together and enjoyed the play!”


The theater in Paris called « Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens » is proposing a great family play at the moment called « Merlin l’Enchanteur ». We had the chance to see this humouristic show about the medieval and folklore legend Merlin the magician this week-end. The show is filled with magi and some illusions and special effects, songs and dances, humour and aventure with sword combats.

In an enchanted decor the humouristic play tells us about the wizard Merlin, beautiful Viviane (Merlin’s love), a funny dragon, the legendary sword Excalibur, the brave and kind young Arthur and his not so intelligent brother who tries to become the king with the help of the mean sorceress fairy Morgane. Both six year old Nils and I appreciated the whole play. We were amused and carried away to a magical place during one hour and we enjoyed the play from the beginning to the happy end.

Want to find more out about the show? Make a reservation? Or check out what else is on at the theatre? Click here to to their website.

Merlin l’Enchanteur