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Do you wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of a photo shoot? Or what it is like to be a child model?!

It’s different every time of course, childrens fashion photographer Emily Kornya has worked for Lamantine, Je suis en CP! Hilda.Henri, The Small Gatsby and many others, but there is a general pattern each time that your child will either love or hate.

Colorado Denim at CFC Cologne by Gabito RohhMeet the Model!

Name: Rosa

Age: 9

Agency: Keolas Kids Models

Where do you live? Minden, Germany.

What languages do you speak? My native language is German, in my holidays I learn Romanian & I started learning English at school last year.

How old were you when you started modelling, how many years have you been doing it for? I was 6 years old, so since about 2 years.

Do you ever travel for modelling? If so where did you travel to? Yes, mostly I travelled to Dusseldorf, Cologne and the Western area of Germany.

What is your favourite thing about modelling? The beautiful pictures, funky locations, cool clothes and making new friends amongst the other models…and I have a wonderful Model Mom 🙂 (Ellen, the owner of Keolas Kids, we look very similar)

Do you have a certain shoot that was your favourite? If so, why? Yes and it was my first shoot…I felt like I was in heaven….we worked with artificial coloured fog….wow… The job was for Marie-Claire, I even did a cover for Marie-Claire.

Whats the funniest memory you have from a shoot? A shooting for Moschino….we had sooo much fun and laughed the whole time, also the team was so silly and hilarious …it was a shoot together with another model …one of us should have a very serious look and the other one a rather frightened expression, but the animation was so crazy…..

If you could shoot for any designer today, who would it be? Mischka Aoki, Zadig & Voltaire, Desquared2, Monnalisa

Do you, yourself like fashion? If so who are your favourite designers and what designers to do you like to wear? Yes, of course I like fashion and I like my own style, but actually my favourite designers are replay and Il Gufo.

What do you want to be when you grow up? sometimes I want to be a photographer, or an actress in a cool movie production …or: the tooth fairy! 🙂

Marie Claire Enfant by Achim LippothNow some fun questions! What are your favourite

books: ELLA, Lotta Leben, Das Sams

movies: Bibi and Tina, Sams, Bedtime Stories

TV shows: Die Sendung mit der Maus, Woozle Goozle, GNTM

music or singers: Soundtrack of Bibi and Tina, Namika (Song: Lieblingsmensch)

toys or games: Fliker riding, waveboarding, inline skating, Kakerlakensalat (game), MAD card game

sports: Ballet, Tennis, hiking

foods: pasta, pizza, bananas, nutella (yummy), schnitzel

chocolate brand: Lindt, Hachéz, Duplo, I´m a chocaholic

vacation location: Romania, I love city trips…my favourite trips: Rome, London, Paris

subject in school: Arts, German, Maths

animal: horses

Do you have any brothers or sisters? or any pets? Yes, my wonderful big sister Mara, 16 years old and a big cool brother, Leander, 14 years old. Our family has no pets…But I`d like to have a dog….or a little guinea pig.

Other then modelling what else do you like to do for fun? …I like to have fun with my friends, read books and ride my bike, I like swimming, drawing and I like to play my violin, because I have a wonderful teacher named Beatris, she comes from Spain.

Tell us something unique about yourself? I´m a really funny girl, I know what I want, sometimes I´m crazy, but mostly lovely, I´m always honest.

Bellerose by Achim Lippoth

Bellerose by Achim Lippoth

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Childhood Business by Claudia Neu

Rosa for Childhood Business by Claudia Neu