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Do you wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of a photo shoot? Or what it is like to be a child model?!

It’s different every time of course, childrens fashion photographer Emily Kornya has worked for Lamantine, Je suis en CP! Hilda.Henri, The Small Gatsby, AliOli Kids and many others, but there is a general pattern each time that your child will either love or hate.

You’ll see it’s all good fun. Yes, there are down sides, a little bit of waiting around, some noise, a few outfit changes, but they get to meet some lovely people, and other children, the brand provide them with enough snacks and drinks to keep them going… 

Today we meet the model Arianna!

PittiBackstage (1)Age: 12

Agency: Frimousse (Paris), Grace & Galor (Surrey, UK).

Best known shoots: Zadig&Voltaire, Marie-Claire, Luna Magazin, Vogue Bambini, Vanity Fair, Bonpoint, Ikks, Dehry. 

Where do you live? Genoa, Italy.

What languages do you speak? Italian, English.

How old were you when you started modelling? Two years old.

Do you ever travel for modelling? If so where did you travel to? Yes, I travel a lot, in Italy and in Europe such as Paris, London, Munich.

What is your favourite thing about modelling? To meet a lot of people and make new friendships.

Do you have a certain shoot that was your favourite? If so, why? I don’t have a favourite shoot, but I like it a lot when I’m free do move the way I want to.


What’s the funniest memory you have from a shoot? For Louis Vuitton there a special guest star, David Bowie and my mother did not recognize him!

If you could shoot for any designer today, who would it be? I would like to shoot for Scotch R’Belle because I love their style.

Do you, yourself like fashion? If so who are your favourite designers? I love fashion a lot, especially street style. Designers like Zadig & Voltaire, Pepe Jeans London and Bellerose are definitely my favourite.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A lawyer .

Now some fun questions! What are your favourite;

Movies: Avatar

TV shows: Britain’s Got Talent

Music or singers: One Republic

Toys or games: table tennis sports: dance, snowboarding and tennis

Foods: pasta and icecream

Chocolate brand: Lindt

Vacation location: Maldives

Subject in school: math and science

Animal: dog

Do you have any brothers or sisters? or any pets? I have a twin sister and two brothers. I also have a dog called Charlie.

Other then modelling what else do you like to do for fun? I like to dance, especially modern, snowboarding in winter and to attend my drama course.

Tell us something unique about yourself? I’m full of life and energy. I like my life, to have a lot of friends, and love to travel.

Dehry (1)

Derhy 2015


 Marie-Claire 2014

Zadig&Voltaire (4)

Zadig & Voltaire 2014


StylePiccoli 2013


Bonpoint 2012

VogueBambini (3)

Vogue Bambini 2011


Fiorruci 2009


Armani 2008


Pitti Brums 2007