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Like most people in Paris and the suburbs we live an apartment. Or as my mother and husband like to call it “a flat”. We live on the third floor, far away from anything resembling a lush green garden. He has no little play house, no slide nor swings and no place to make mud pies.

Recently I got talking and I noticed there’s still a view that apartment living isn’t really suitable for children, in some small part I can understand that reasoning.

If you don’t live near to a good local park or have access to lovely green spaces it can definitely be tough.

On the flip side of the coin I love that living where we live our little boy is a part of a larger community, part of something. For example, because we can walk everywhere all the shop owners know him, which in itself can be a problem as he’s showered with free croissants, gifts of apples – the French love children. The lovely woman who runs the cafe near our building rushes out with a ‘fudge’ whenever he walks past with me or his daddy. Sometimes it can even feel too much. As my mother described it “he’s like the local rock star!”, not quite but aside from all the attention and smiles, he is getting a behind the scenes tutorial on the values of community.

Like I said it can definitely be tough to live in an apartment but you get creative. Instead of having lots of children come over for a playdate you go outside, visit a museum, go to the park to ride our bikes and when it’s raining, the children even play in the lobby of the building. Yes, the lobby, why not!?

What do you think? Are apartments for children? Did you grow up in one?

Alexander and Faye

Alexander is wearing his Long sleeve T-shirt on grey melange colour and rackets printed pattern from the Spanish brand Lotiekids. Faye is wearing her new SS15 dress by the Danish brand Krutter.


 Lena stopped by in her pretty new dress by Danish brand Knast.

Living in an apartment

Louis is wearing a hoodie by Polish brand Kids on the Moon combined with tartan shorts by AlioliKids.

Photographs taken in Paris by the talented children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya.

Originally from Toronto Canada, Emily just began a new journey, one that took her to live in Paris, France for a year. Still only 21 and completing an undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature, and South Slavic Studies, Emily has huge talents, and not only in the photographic field.