Little Tykes Theatre… like-minded Actors and Theatre practitioners who celebrate the fun of imagining and preteding, and who want to use their professional skills to equipt the next generations of creative people.

Movement, rhythm, music, visual and tactile aids are combined into stories that the children bring to life as they learn to move as different characters in fantastical worlds.

Alexander and I used to attend the Teeny-tinies classes. A very fun sensory, rhythmical experience for babies from ages 12 weeks to pre-walking. They’ll give you new ideas for entertaining your little ones on rainy days and explore nursery rhymes and familiar songs from new perspective. I sometimes still think of Charlotte (the founder of Little Tykes)  when I read a children’s story. We had so much fun during these classes. This workshop is also a fabulous workout for mums who want a change from the regular yoga and pilates classes. 

WHEN: Thursdays, 10:00 to 10:45, first class starts 26 September 2013

WHERE: Salles Saint Roch, 35 Rue Saint Roch, 75001. Nearest metros Pyramides, Tuilleries, Opera

And if you’re already thinking about what to do during this year’s Toussaint holiday… Little Tykes Theatre is organising a holiday camp, *Drumrolls please*. 

They’re starting a new group for little tykes aged 8 to 11 years old named Tinkers. They aim to have lots of play and mischief with this group as they will engage them in experimentally manipulating tricks of the theatrical trade.

This year’s Toussaint Acting Camp is a week-long, half-day affair for TOTS, TENDERFOOT, and TINKERS, with a *NEW* full day option for the independent groups. Details as follow;

WHO: Tots (2 to 4 years, adult accompanied), Tenderfoot (4 to 8 years,
independent), and Tinkers (8 to 11 years, independent)
WHEN: 21 to 25 October 2013

For more information, please vistit Little Tykes Theatre’s website

Little Tykes Theatre