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Children need to play outside. Why? Because we all know that playing outside is good for our children, playing outside means that we can actually get a few things done inside without being distracted.

Perhaps, this is why so many people dread the winter months. Playing on the street in Paris without parents present just isn’t happening!

While I have no problem with being present and enjoy talking with my mummy friends it’s which is a whole lot easier when the weather is nice and the sun is shining and jt ustfor a lot of us.

The cold and dreary weather makes it hard for the children can’t go outside and play, right. But it’s still necessary for children to go outside and play, even in the winter months (and it’s not just so you can get stuff done). There are a whole lot of other “real” benefits; exercise, vitamin D and fresh air both spring to mind but there is also the benefits that, playing outside with other children helps develop their imagination, problem solving skills.

Even though these ‘playdates’ are organised playdates, all children have become friends and just love meeting up! Get inspired by our first AW15 playdate post with children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya, let the children play!

Les enfants a paris

Marie Chantal clothes for the girls with Amour Bows headpieces and Adrian in Joepia Paris combined with I dig denim via the webshop Springstof.

Adrian in Joepia Paris

Adrian is wearing a liberty print shirt by Joepia Paris.

Another Playdate in Village Saint Paul

Ombline is wearing a jumper with a deer print by the unisex brand Tootsa MacGinty combined with golden Elsy shorts, April Showers tights and Golden Goose boots. Elisabeth, Manon and Anastasia are dressed in Marie Chantal and wear Amour Bows headpieces.

Another playdate

Socks by Collegien and Alexander’s shoes are by Luca via the webshop Les Casse Pieds.

Manon and Adrian

Manon and Adrian just became friends.



Kay Georgina in Amour Bows

Inspired by William Morris prints, this pretty smock dress by the brand Marie-Chantal is perfect for warmer days or pair with tights during the colder months. Doesn’t Kay Georgina look super cute in it?!

Lots of Laughter

Alexander is wearing a ‘must have’ blazer by Yporque via the webshop Goodmorning Sunshine combined with a jeans pantalon by Joepia Paris and a T-shirt with  a NARWHAL print by Marie Puce.

Elisabeth is dressed in a super cute cat sweater by Marie Chantal combined with a “Back to School” inspired skirt that gives a chic twist to any outfit. Headpiece by Amour Bows.

1, 2, 3 Soleil

Mahaut is wearing her Mr. Smith horse T-shirt by Bobo Choses via the webshop Orange Mayonnaise, combined with her blue skirt by Elsy and her scarf and hat are by Boboli.

Let the children play

Interesting conversations….


Let the children play

The children loved playing with this doggy who kept stopping by!


Manon’s first playdate with Emily Kornya and Les enfants a Paris. 

Manon is wearing a cosy jumper designed with a contrasting diamond and embroidered floral pattern on the front with underneath a ‘Birdcage Print Blouse‘ both by the brand Marie Chantal

[All photographs taken by Emily Kornya for Les enfants a Paris. To see more of Emily’s work please visit]