We recently had another great day out with my family. This time we visited Jardin du Luxembourg. A beautiful parc with lots of different activities in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.  Although the grass is interdit (out of bounds), there’s more than enough here to tire out your little ones leaving papa et maman to enjoy an evening à deux.

We walked around the parc, watched people play tennis and ended up at the entrance of Le Poussin Vert, easily the best adventure playground we’ve been to Paris. The playground is essentially a large fenced off area packed full of things to do. For younger kids there’s a train, small ride-on wooden animals, small slides and jungle gyms and a sandbox. For older kids, there’s a huge array of spider web-like pyramid and other climbing structures, tunnels, steep and spiral slides, and rope bridges. Our son is nearly three and found the 3-6 year old structures just challenging enough that he could do the harder parts under supervision but also run and climb freely on his own.

There is a modest entrance fee of 2.50 EUR per kid for Le Poussin Vert, and 1.50 EUR for adults which is good for the entire day and was completely worth it.

Before going to Jardin du Luxembourg you might want to check out Le Théâtre des Marionnettes, the original and still the best puppet show in Paris. Since 1933 les marionnettes, headlined by Monsieur Guignol, have been delighting French children with classic tales like Les Dernières Aventures de Pinnocchio. It’s kids-only in the first four rows so arrive early or best seating. And don’t forget a snack for the brief intermission. You’ll be amazed at the sweet bons bons and biscuits these kids consume…


Playground Jardin du Luxembourg

Poussin Vert