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Aside from the clothes, one of the most important aspects of our playdates with Emily Kornya, is picking a suitable location.

Streets are dominated by traffic and it is no longer the norm to see children out playing with their friends, so finding a location where children can play safely and naturally whilst allowing us to shoot…. it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Another challange of an outdoor playdate location is that there’s always a chance that the weather will spoil the party, but sometimes you just have to take a chance and hope it stays dry! A backup in case the weather turned bad is something we didn’t think of two weeks ago, but luckily Kylliki, Laurelle’s mum, offered we could all come to her place to shoot. Merci!!!

Get inspired!

Les enfants a Paris

Madyson is wearing a dress by Zezuzulla and hairband by Amour Bows. Laurelle is wearing a top by Little Emperor combined with a skirt by Elsy. Enola is wearing a bathing suit by Dancing in the Grass, Ambre is wearing a dress by Little Emperor and hairband by La Fete. Romane is wearing a top by Iglo+Indi, jeans by Elsy and hairband by Amour Bows.


Madyson is wearing a headpiece by Amour Bows and sunglasses by Rainbow & Snow.


Enola is wearing sunglasses by Rainbow & Snow, available at Orange Mayonnaise. Her bag is by Maringe.


Iglo Indi Top

Isn’t Romane looking great in her T-shirt with handpainted bunny by Iglo+Indi?!


They sure had lots of fun!


Kylliki is wearing a blue dress by the Polish brand Zezuzulla.



Photography by Emily Kornya, children’s fashion photographer who works throughout Europe. She has recently moved back to Europe after completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature in translation and South Slavic Studies at The University of Toronto.

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