Ice skating in Paris is fun! Especially on the  life-size ice rink that has been installed in the garden of Bonpoint.

Open every Wednesday and Saturday between 2pm and 6pm up until and including the 18th of December.

Did I already mention it’s free?!  When is anything free in Paris!? 

Enjoy!! And make sure you check out Bonpoint’s beautiful clothing line as well. We’re a  big fan!

Ice skating rink in Paris

Bonpoint is the French fashion and couture house for children. A unique destination with its spot-on style, poetic universe tinged with humour and magic, inspired window displays and the warm atmosphere of its boutiques and flagship stores in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris (and on Madison Avenue in New York). 

Rich in the savoir-faire of a couture house, thanks to its artisan studios in Paris, Bonpoint cultivates the precision of beauty, the passion for quality and a meticulous attention to detail and finishing. 

Every season the house’s artistic director, Christine Innamorato, invents an enchanting and creative collection for Bonpoint, from newborn to teenagers and YAM – for those young women who are still Bonpoint girls at heart.

If you don’t live in Paris and still want to check out their collection, Bonpoint is available online here.