From December 14th 2014 to January 4th 2015, the Grand Palais has turned into a giant ice-skating rink. A magical event that will delight children and adults alike.

Under the glass roof, the ice! This winter, the Grand Palais is hosting the biggest indoor ice-skating rink in the world. It is the perfect opportunity for everyone – parents, children, architecture lovers… – to rediscover the glass roof of this historical monument while enjoying a unique experience in the heart of Paris.

A part of the ice-rink is reserved for children under 12 and they have some penguin stabilizers available to give young children the support to encourage good skating posture & practice, plus create lots of fun! 

Next to the ice-skating rink, the Café des Glaces will offer a comforting menu with gourmet tartines, winter soups, tartiflettes, hot-dogs, hot chocolates, iced fruit juices and of course, the traditional mulled wine.

And if you are planning to go without children… every night, from to, the Grand Palais will turn itself into a huge dancefloor : DJs to warm everybody up, with breathtaking sound and light shows. The ice rink under the starry glass roof will offer you an exceptional evening.

More information available here

If you ask me if it was busy? Yes, but what do you expect. Was it fun and worthwhile the money? YES! Did Alexander enjoy it! Definitely!! He wants to go back already! One tip though, do buy your tickets online so you don’t have to queue outside.

Ice-skating in the Grand Palais

Alexander, all dressed in his warm molo winter gear, loves ice-skating for the first time. Soon after he decided not to use the stabilizers anymore. See video on Instagram.

ice-skating in the grand palais

Panoramic shot of the Grand Palais.

Ice skating

Ice-skating in Paris

There we go…. I love the fact that the molo outerwear is waterproof whilst still breathable and highly visible. Check out molo’s star reflectors on Alexander’s coat and trousers. 

Ice skating

Access 10h00-14h00 14h00-20h00 21h00-02h00
Unit price
(including skates)
Adults: 15 €
Children*: 10 €
Adults: 15 €
Children*: 10 €
Unique price: 25 €