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As you will know it’s been a horrific few days for Paris and many people across France.

We’ve been lucky, with no one we know hurt, but some of my friends lost loved close friends in the terrorist attacks, and as I’m sure you can imagine it’s left many of us speechless.

I went for a long walk with a friend to try to absorb all the emotion we both felt and I gave myself the weekend to write something that would express how deeply touched I am, how deeply touched we all are.

But I’ve been trying to write and talk about the France my family lives in. About the France I love. I tried, but I can’t and today, I still have no words to express what we’re all feeling.

I am rattled and afraid – how can I not discuss this with my child?

The city still looks the same, of course, but now that there has been a second attack within a year, it suggests, at least to children, that such violence can happen at any time in any place, and that the adults can’t stop it from happening.

Children are highly empathic, like sponges, they can sense even the emotions you’re not expressing and need to be heard, reassured and told that what you’re all feeling and going through is not their fault.

The only thing we can do is to continue, live our lives and not let these incidents ruin a wonderful city and country for us, keeping on for us is to continue with the blog as usual (as you might have noticed), but today, more than ever, in my name, and on behalf of the Les Enfants a Paris team, I wanted to send you a message of love, kindness, brotherhood and peace, because we will never be able to, nor should we be able to, make sense of the horror.

Let’s keep moving forward.

The photos in the post are from a very joyful, carefree and quite magical day in Paris in October. The kids were so happy playing together and running around, and I know many didn’t want to leave the shoot.

Manon & Mahaut

Mahaut is wearing a dress by Boboli and Manon is dressed in a blouse and jumper by Marie Chantal and her shorts are by Elsy.

Les enfants a Paris

Ombline is wearing a dress by Elsy with underneath a blouse by Marie Chantal. Adrian is wearing a cardigan and jeans by Vicomte A. Manon is wearing a blouse and jumper by Marie Chantal, her shorts are by Elsy and hairband by Amour Bows. Mahaut is wearing a dress by Boboli.

Alexander & Ombline

Alexander is wearing a liberty shirt by Joepia Paris, jeans by I dig denim via Springstof and boots are by Pisamonas.

Elisabeth (in the back) is wearing a dress by Grain de Chic and headpiece by Amour Bows.

Photo credits Emily Kornya


Kay Georgia is wearing her dress by Marie Puce and socks by Collegien.

Les enfants a Paris

Les enfants a Paris

All photo’s taken by Emily Kornya for Les enfants a Paris.

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