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Scarves are emerging. And they’ll continue to emerge as autumn becomes winter.

As it’s getting colder, priority number one is keeping warm. Easy enough. But doing so in style can sometimes be a bit more challenging. Mastering the art of layering can be tricky as there is so many ways. And what ways do work and what ways don’t? One of the essential part in this layering game is the scarf. The piece of fabric you throw around your neck to prevent catching a cold. But as scarfs are getting longer, bigger and comes in various styles, how do you throw it around your neck?

Get inspired by Loïs and Manou who are both ready for winter with their new scarves. 

Would you like to win one of these scarves?

Follow the following 3 accounts on Instagram @evelyne_photography @loisbeekhuizen and @manoujuecardosocommentleave a comment on Evelyne’s photograph (the one of Loïs and Manou) on Instagram why you’d like to win this scarf and tag a friend. Good luck!

The winner will be announced this Saturday (November 17 , 2018) on the Instagram page of Evelyne.

Photo credits: Evelyne Photography –

Evelyne is a professional photographer in The Netherlands. Based in The Hague, she specialises in shooting people and capturing personality. Though she works mostly in the The Hague area, Evelyne travels and shoots all over Holland. Boundaries do not exist between her portrait photography, corporate photography and commercial photography and she just launched her newest project ‘Kids by Eve’.