Would you take style suggestions from a five-year-old boy? When he’s as put-together and stylish as Alonso Mateo, it’s hard not to take notes. With several fan accounts dedicated to his style and  fans outside his house asking to take his picture, Alonso may be the youngest fashion icon yet. We have shared pics of him before on Facebook, we simply adore his look!

Every morning before school, his mum Luisa Fernanda Espinosa — a freelance stylist, helps her son pick out outfits in his personal walk-in closet, though he’s the chief stylist. 

“I’ll help him coordinate outfits so that they make sense, but mostly it’s him.”

Our stylish Meryl Flamb did her best to copy his look! What do you think!? SWAG!


Vous avez surement du entendre parler d’Alonso Mateo!! Petit homme de 5 ans devenu populaire sur la toile grâce a sa maman styliste qui le look et le prend en photo pour notre plus grand plaisir 🙂

Aujourd’hui on s’inspire d’un de ses looks décontracté pour un “lazy sunday” ^^


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