There is a stereotype out there. I don’t know if it is true, but I definitely fall into it. I love shoes. I do. I look at other women’s shoes. I dream of which shoes to wear with which outfits. I send my husband links to the shoes I love in hopes that he may oblige me. I lust over pictures in magazines. 

But then, well, here’s where I guess I break from the stereotype at the moment: I don’t wear any of them. I don’t wear shoes. Not really. Oh, when I go out at night I’ll put on a pair of heels– but typically the same pair all the time. The comfortable ones with a bit of a heel, a bit of a style, but the ones that aren’t going to make it a problem for me to walk across town or dance or stand in a bar for hours.

And when it comes to running errands and doing pretty much anything else it’s either my one comfortable pair of trainers (Really love my Fendi ones at the moment) or, occasionally, my brown Uggs (yes I still wear those!). In summer, it’s flip flops –  Havaianas I picked up on my last work trip to Cape Town, most often, if I bother to put shoes on at all. And sure, I’ll occasionally mix it up and throw on a different pair of flip flops / sandals or a pair of boots, but especially lately (since Covid happened), I’m a comfy shoes only type of girl. 

The irony is that, like many, if not most, women, I have a lot of shoes. A LOT of shoes. You see, not only do I love shoes, but my husband loves shoes as well and Alexander has many pairs as well.

My lovely friend and photographer Emily Kornya recently introduced me to Dianetti childrens shoes and I love them. You can definitely see Dianetti shoes are made with passion and attention to high quality and details in Italy.

I’m planning to order a pair for Alexander soon!

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