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“So, what was your first watch mum?” asked my son the other day. My first watch was a Flik Flak … no joke. I wish I had the proof to show you but my mum is still going through old photo albums. I should have given her a deadline. Lol.
The watch was a gift from my parents, a reward which I had been promised if I received good grades in my end-of-year school report, and I remember it was a pretty big deal at the time because it marked what felt like an important accomplishment, and because it was my first grown up toy. Of course, it was anything but.

When Swatch launched Flik Flak in 1987, the company’s goal was to teach young children to learn to tell time in a fun and interesting way, while giving parents some peace of mind regarding the cost of that lesson. And it succeeded in its mission. Flik and Flak – the names of the two characters that play the hour and minute hands – had a friendly quality and made it very easy to understand how analogue displays work. Flik, the boy, was blue and pointed to the blue minute markers, while Flak, the girl, was red and pointed to the red hour markers.

Flik Flak is still going strong, thirty years after the first models were released, and they just released their new collection called Shine Bright!

Flik Flak is celebrating this fabulously festive time of year with sheer brilliance in a new capsule series, Shine Bright. Four Swiss made watches for kids wave their magic wand to add an extra touch of glamour to special moments. These are the ultimate gifts to express and accessorise the inner sparkle of modern minis.

This stunning quartet harmonises perfectly with paper chains and paper crowns to produce happy beginnings, middles and endings. Glitter, Swarovski® crystals and metallic effects pave the way to fun on these durable, BPA free timepieces. Each one makes sure that learning to tell the time is no fairytale thanks to colour-coded timekeeping. If unicorns wore watches, OVER THE RAINBOW would surely top their wish list. LILAXUS gets the glitter dancing as it reflects the light in a unique visual shimmy. And on FROZILICOUS and MILLEFEUX, the tiny magical gemstones majestically overrule the weather outside with their own snowflakes and symbolic showers of love. It’s time to shine, all of the time.

For more information visit the Flik Flak website here

All photo’s are taken by Emily Kornya.