Kids Shoes


Alexander has been getting very crafty lately by drawing on his play kitchen, bedroom walls and … On his shoes! But luckily his shoes are no ordinary shoes. No… They are Monkies!

Monkies, a company that designed creative shoes that children can draw on anywhere they go. 


How does it work? The kit includes white trainers, seven colourful markers and an eraser. It’s a bit  like a white board, if you draw something you don’t like, you simply whipe it off and start again. It is so much fun! Even I had a try!

The ink of the ‘magic’ markers is waterproof so the children’s drawings are safe under the rain or running water. So you don’t have to worry that your masterpiece will get ruined. (We tested it under the tap!)

A combination of creativity and fun plus they are fashionble. Monkies is an exciting design that allows children to express themselves in a truly personal and unique way. Don’t you just love Alexander’s design?! A true three year old!

Want a pair?! You can order your Monkies here.

Alexander with his Monkies

Alexander was so excited but very concentrated as you can see…

The artist

My husband and I were not even allowed to come close as it was HIS design

Simply erase

A little mistake and so easy to wipe it off


Someone is happy!!

Yes they are waterproof

My design, lol! They are definitely waterproof!!

(Alexander is wearing an Espno1 T-shirt, H&M trousers and a moustache tattoo by Orange Mayonnaise)