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I have developed some truly great friendships over the years. But grown-up friendships need nurturing far more than those of our youth, which is why the friend date is a super important part of my life now.

Ever wonder why your friends seem distant, or when you finally do get together, why you feel like you spend all night with one of you taking over the conversation? It’s because sometimes texts, whatsapp and Facebook messages are not enough, especially if you want to grow your friendship. 

Ultimately friendships are just like any other relationship; you get out what you put in, you have to work at it.

That’s why when you have friends who have children, things get a little harder. There are schedules to be dealt with, childcare and curfews and because you have a million things to do the next day no more hanging out until 3 a.m., coming home tipsy and still making it to work a few hours later. 

It can get taxing figuring out all the logistics, but it’s worth it and important because when things happen, your friends are there for you.

We ‘mummy friends’ hang out together whilst our children, who are friends as well, had a blast playing.

Happy weekend!

Emilie in Grain de Chic

Emilie is wearing Grain de Chic‘s Mireille dress. X marks the spot with a sprig of hand-stitched embroidery. In an ever-fashionable shade of black and tied with a delicate pink sash, this dress is perfect for parties. A great layering piece for practical elegance in cooler weather.

Marie Puce aw15

Ilona is wearing a beautiful liberty dress by Marie Puce. This dress is the perfect shape for any occasion!


Alexander is wearing a T-shirt with long sleeves with horse print by Bobo Choses and denim dungarees both via the webshop Orange Mayonnaise. His shoes are by the Dutch brand Koel4Kids.

Luka & Emelie

Luka is wearing a cool grey cardigan by Little10Days via the webshop combined with Boboli jeans and Rainbow & Snow slipons via S Agency.


Adrian is wearing a jumper and trousers by the French brand Tape a l’oeil.


Adrian and Emilie




Luka is dressed in a Tootsa MacGinty jumper wit fox print and his shoes are by Pisamonas France.

Ellse is wearing Burberry.

Louis in Tootsa MacGinty


Livia in En*fant via S Agency.


Alexander’s cardigan is by Eden & Zoe.


Athénaïs is wearing a cardigan and shorts by the Italian brand Elsy. Her bag is by the Dutch brand Maringe.

Les enfants a Paris

All photo’s taken by the talented photographer and friend Emily Kornya.