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Four’eMki SS15 – EMOTIONS

I love receiving lookbooks and this one really made me smile yesterday. The Four’eMki SS15 collection is called Emotions and is definitely one to watch.

Four’eMki was founded back in 2012 by the Polish Malgorzata and is still a small and not so commercially available brand. Changes you see your little girl in the same Four’eMki dress are still very slim and don’t you just love that?!

What caught my eye back in 2013 when we first wrote an article about this brand was the lovely dresses, skirts and tops for girls. Every item is made by hand and produced in organic cotton, and in a time where we  constantly see the prices of children’s clothing rising, Four’eMki, to me, seems to be very reasonable priced.

Malgorzata describes her collection as “Nonchalance under control with a little hint of the glamour style. Unique, tailor maid and in a limited editions.

What do you think of Four’eMki’s SS15 collection?

It will soon become available on their own website

Want to check out their ‘old’ collection?! Please visit here

Four'eMki SS15