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From January 22 to 24, 2015, the annual Pitti Bimbo trade show was held at Florence’s Fortezza da Basso. Now in its 80th year, the trade show is one of the most important events on the international youth fashion and children’s clothing fashion scene. It’s an extraordinary platform of lifestyle trends with 430 collections, 166 of which came from abroad.

Walkabout Pitti was the title-theme for this edition and explored the endless and always-current theme of traveling by foot.  Walking for the pleasure of doing it, to see, think about and savor the world, alone or with friends, for sport or because walking – or talking about it – is in fashion.  Today, more than ever before, walking is an expression of a way of life and it evokes its own outfits: a hymn to multiple technical facets, clothing styles and their uses, and to the central role of accessories.  With a layout redesigned for kids by designer Ilaria Marelli, the Fortezza da Basso was transformed into a mixed terrain of different experiences and paths, illustrated by brochures, maps, apps and other devices.  With maps and stopovers redesigned in kid-sized versions.

Something about Pitti Bimbo that I really like apart from visiting all brands to see the new collections… It’s their wonderful runway show-events! I wanted to go so badly this year but with my husband travelling and not having my parents around the corner I just couldn’t manage to go.

Luckily my good friend and children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya found the time in her busy schedule to fly to Florence to capture some of the best shows.

If you want to see more, check out Emily’s Facebook Page


Can you spot Emily in the photograph?!

Pitti Bimbo 2015

Aurora and Nicola for a Barcarola Moda Infantil fairytale for the Fashion from Spain Show

Children’s Fashion from Spain returned to the spotlight with a fashion show-event featuring 8 major ‪Spanish‬‪ children‬’s ‪fashion‬ ‪brands‬: ‪Barcarola‬, ‪Bóboli‬, ‪Cóndor‬, ‪Desigual‬,‪ Graci‬, ‪Losán‬, ‪Mayoral‬ and ‪TucTuc‬. The enchanted forest, the ultimate juxtaposition of joyful colours and neutral dark shades, is the ideal setting for every fairytale. Animal illustrations, plant motifs and‪ camouflage‬ effects are used in prints to enrich ‪garments‬ in ‪wool‬, cotton, silk and technical fabrics. Talking ‪‎animals‬ and trees populate the woods, along with fairies and elves who light up the way – it is here that the Spanish brands take their inspiration for their most ‪sophisticated‬ designs, featuring rhinestones and fine fabrics.

emily kornya

Tommaso Gribaudo for Cóndor Fashion from Spain

pitti bimbo

Noemi & Asia for Desigual, Fashion from Spain

fashion show

Matvei for Fun&Fun

pitti bimbo

Laura for Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein Junior dedicates a range of pieces inspired by street art to urban forays: puffers with skulls on their backs, multi-faceted as if cut out of stone, parkas with large fur-edged hoods, bombers and short leather jackets with removable linings. ‪Geometric‬ stylised prints are everywhere, as are the ‪contemporary‬ quotes of tattoos and painted face ‪camouflage‬. With tags and provocative words, Savannah cartoon prints on Tees and sweats and magnetic panther, tiger and lion heads like enormous hip-hop cameos.

Il Gufo

‪Il Gufo‬ – The AW 15/16 collection is inspired by a walk through an authentic ‪forest‬, in which an adventurous child with curious eyes walks upon a mantle of autumn leaves, surrounded by majestic trees with deep roots and long ‪branches‬, set amidst a natural, unspoilt ‪environment‬.‪ Classic‬ colours and neutral shades lifted by hues of navy and ‪sky‬‪ blue‬, with touches of orange and fuchsia, appear alongside new‪ graphics‬ which recall mountain landscapes and autumnal details.‪ Materials‬ are soft and springy while warm and light at the same time.


Greta for Il Gufo