Last Friday Alexander and I went to the Fondation EDF in Paris. An exhibition that offers a poetic evocation of climate. Visitors can enjoy close to thirty installations, photographs and videos, which illustrate the oftentimes imperceptible distinction between the natural and the artificial in today’s modern world, as well as exploring the accepted and contemporary symbolism attached to climate.

Work by contemporary artists like Marina Abramović, Hicham Berrada, Spencer Finch, Laurent Grasso, Hans Haacke, Ange Leccia, Yoko Ono and Pavel Peppertsein.

To cut a long story short, we loved it! So interesting! Our favourite bit!? Walking through the clouds!

Climats artificiels [Artificial Climates] runs from October 4th 2015 — February 28th 2016. Fondation EDF is open all year round from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00. Free entry. Address 6 Rue Récamier, 75007 Paris.

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On the ground floor: Equilibres précaires (Precarious Equilibria) demonstrates the transient and constantly changing nature of the environment. Fixed or moving, the works seem to evolve, shifting from one state to another, or maintaining an unstable equilibrium.



On the first floor: L’état du ciel (The Condition of the Sky) centered around the installation Cloudscapes, presents the creative approach and work of several artists, who either through photography or reproduction, seek to understand the climate. In so doing, they question the essence of nature, challenging, and even subverting it.

Fondation EDF


Fndation EDF


Cloudscapes. Inside a transparent structure, you can climb a staircase, passing through clouds whose composition is identical to those of real clouds, obtained through the careful control of temperature and humidity.




At the basement level: Catastrophes ordinaires (Ordinary Catastrophes) invites visitors on a nightmarish reverie about phenomena with both natural and artifi cial causes. An invitation to study and observe the elements that surround us in a new way, these works attest to a series of catastrophes or climatic features that have now become commonplace.


And after our visit we walked to Maison du Chocolat on 19 Rue de Sèvres for some macarons!  Love!

Maison du Chocolat

Sorry couldn’t wait!


Alexander totally recommends going to Fondation EDF. His only comment ” Its too small! I want it to be bigger so they can show us more things about the climate. It was very interesting and I learned a lot”.

[Alexander wears a jacket by Noch Mini via – T-shit by Marie Puce – Jeans by I dig Denim and Scarf by Bobo Choses via Springstof, Shoes by Koel4Kids and his lunchbag is by Beatrix NY]