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Some days I just don’t want to think about anything. Not the food I’m going to eat, the music I’m gonna listen to, even the clothes I’m going to wear. It’s one of the perfect days where, I’m simply slipping into my most comfy outfit aaaand….. done. But then there are days when I really feel like wearing something super special.

Days like today.

Thinking back a couple of years, I would never have worn an outfit like the one you are seeing here today. Not because I didn’t like red back then but because I never would have dared to wear red. I was simply too shy.

In fact, I do believe self-confidence has a lot to do with what we are wearing. Don’t you think so, too? Sometimes, you simply don’t dare to wear a certain kinds of outfits. Even though you love how it looks. The one thing I did learn over time was, however, not to give a damn about what other people might or might not think. Who cares about those “others”, anyway? Stepping out of your comfort zone might be hard at first, but it will be very rewarding in the end. 

Are there any situations in which you stepped out of your comfort zone for the first time? Do let me know in the comments!

Belle wears a dress by Frankie & Liberty

Photo credits: Evelyne Photography –

Evelyne is a professional photographer in The Netherlands. Based in The Hague, she specialises in shooting people and capturing personality. Though she works mostly in the The Hague area, Evelyne travels and shoots all over Holland. Boundaries do not exist between her portrait photography, corporate photography and commercial photography and she just launched her newest project ‘Kids by Eve’.