Kids Fashion


Australian brand Cotton On Kids makes some really cool childrens’ clothes, and they may have just outdone themselves with a new line of  100% cotton scratch n’ sniff tees, PJs, and accessories like a fun popsicle pencil case and jelly bags that all have this 80’s child feeling really nostalgic.

I mean, if I close my eyes, I can totally recall the smell of my album full of scratch n’ sniff stickers.

Memories. Sweet, smelly memories.

The food graphics on the clothes and accessories actually smell when you scratch them! We’re talking chocolate, strawberries, cola, bubblegum, donuts, and a savory, buttery, popcorn tee. Oddly, there’s also a tee covered with bomb pops that smells like lemons.

There’s also a backpack-style jelly tote that smells like… nope, not jelly.

Pineapple! Hey, why not.

The only catch: hand washing required. Maybe consider an unscented soap? Not sure how good “ocean breeze + donuts” will smell.

Shop the Cotton On Kids T-shirts here and make sure you don’t forget to look at the rest of the collection.