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A lot of children nowadays spend too much time playing with gadgets. Before we had all this technology, children would just be left outside to play and entertain themselves with their own imagination, they knew what to do. I think now an awful lot of children, when they’re told to go outside, go, ‘Okay, now what do I do?’ They don’t actually know what do to when they are out there. That’s not their fault. It’s because they live their lives behind a screen all day.

Unfortunately, we have what is best described as a “courtyard” garden and when my children head out there, they kick a ball for about two minutes before it lands in the neighbours’ garden. They squirt a couple of water pistols until one of them gets squirted in the eye and cries. Then they bemoan that they have nothing to do. I feel eternal guilt that I haven’t provided them with a bigger garden, but at the same time, I’m not sure that even if I had one they would think of things to do in it.

Thinking back on my own childhood, I spent my summers leaving the house at first light to play with two boys who lived across the street. We’d make kites, run around a local athletic track, build dens, climb trees, play football, and make daisy chains. We were outside all day. We only came inside to eat or use the bathroom, and then we’d dart out again. At dusk we would beg to stay out until dark and then we would have a bath (to clean all the cuts we endured on our knees) and fall asleep exhausted. Our imaginations knew no bounds as we created game after game. One summer I played hopscotch every single day and taught myself (with the aid of a broom) how to roller-skate. I played tennis against the wall of my house until it got so dark I could no longer see the ball!

If I ever got bored, my mum would tell me to get outside and think of something. I always did. Even playing alone (I was an only child), I built rock gardens, planted seeds, collected frogspawn, set myself running targets with a thrilling new digital watch (that lit up in the dark!), and biked everywhere.

My resolution for this summer…. Leave the children outside to play and entertain themselves with their own imagination. Would love to hear how you deal with children who spend too much time playing with gadgets!

Get inspired by these beautiful photo’s taken by Emily Kornya. Another Koblenz playdate with our friends who played played played!

Leo is wearing an outfit by Fun & Fun.

Kaya is wearing an outfit by She.Ver.

Leo and Louis are wearing an outfit by Fun & Fun.

Romeo, Leo and Louis are all dressed in outfits by Fun & Fun.

Linda is wearing a shirt by Dancing in the Grass and a skirt by Fun & Fun. Amelie is wearing a shirt by She.Ver

Louis is wearing an outfit by Fun & Fun.

Laura is wearing a T-shirt by Dancing in the Grass.

Grace (white) is wearing a dress by She.Ver. Ashley is wearing a T-shirt by Dancing in the Grass and a skirt by She.Ver.

The Les enfants a Paris Gang.

Linda, Leo, Grace, Romeo are with Sugar Kids.

Photography by Emily Kornya, children’s fashion photographer who works throughout Europe. She has recently moved back to Europe after completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature in translation and South Slavic Studies at The University of Toronto.