From our stylists


Halloween is just around the dark, scary corner and if you don’t have a costume idea yet, you’d better get on it quick!

Alexander decided to go as a vampire to his first Halloween party this year including fake blood capsules, blood spray, fake teeth and grey hair.

Vampires have been haunting our dreams for thousands of years with tales dating back to ancient Babylonia. Stories of vampiric creatures can be found in hundreds of cultures across the globe. It’s a natural and classic choice when deciding which scary horror you’ll transform yourself into for Halloween.

Because it’s a classic choice, when you dress up as a vampire, you want to be the best vampire in the room, the one that turns heads.

(styling by Alexander including the face paint)


Alexander’s cape and some of his gadgets like the blood capsules and spray are by Smiffys. The Smiffys brand embraces family friendly fun with ranges including costumes and accessories for adults and children looking to dress up for any occasion: Halloween, book days, fundraising activities, school curriculum activities, charity fundraising activities, carnival, festivals and much more.

If it was left to the children, Halloween would happen every day. With as many free lollies as doors you can knock on, plus the chance to dress like a bat or a zombie, what’s not to love?

If you happen to live in Jordan, Smiffys is available at Hamleys but the one on Mecca Street definitely has the biggest collection for children (and adults!) available.