Ever since I was a child I’ve had a fascination with Walt Disney’s Peter Pan.

It was not only me who adored it as a child, my dad loved the film when he was a young and my own daughter fell in love with the same 1953 classic. I can not tell you how many times we’ve watched the film over the years.

She was Peter Pan one year for Halloween and we always head for the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland first thing. It’s so nice living close to Disney!

That is three generations who have traveled to Neverland with Peter, Michael, Johnathan and Wendy. Yup, our family really, really loves Peter Pan, proving just how timeless this film is.

Last week we were invited to a party organised by Princess and Fairytales to spend time with Peter Pan before he returned to Neverland. Peter told us tales of his exploits with Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Wendy and Captain Hook. He loved hearing our stories too and as a surprise Wendy and Tinker Bell were there as well.

It was an absolute thrill to be given the opportunity to chat with them all as well as the cast of How to train your Dragon who  also made an appearance as well. In their magnificent costumes, the “Princesses and Fairytales” entertainers lead the children into their favorite cartoon with their performance.

Princesses and Fairytales definitely make dreams a reality!

We met Peter pan on location in Paris but Princesses and Fairytales also organise private, fully catered, themed birthday parties, in a private location in Puteaux (room, decoration, animation and 3D cake).

Find full information on their website and find all information in French here

All photo’s by Candice Cohen Photography

A dream come true - Peter Pan

Peter Pan behind the scenes …








Manon is wearing a jumper by PLNY LALA and Elisa is wearing a coat by Elsy, skirt by Boboli and leggings by Mim Pi.

All photographs taken by Candice Cohen