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The Barcelona based children’s label Tinycottons, founded in 2012, only launched their first collection last season and they’re already a big hit!

Tinycottons designs versatile, classic and basic clothing with some trendy pieces thrown in. The colour palette is spot on and their 100% pima cotton is much stronger and softer than normal cotton with a higher resistance to peeling and no shrinking wash after wash. 

Their clothes go from birth up to 4 years old, we just wish they went a little bigger!

Time for an interview with tinycottons designer Barb Bruno. 


How would you describe your brand?

tinycottons could be described as a graphic brand, we like clean style and I think we have found our own graphic language. We make clothes for kids aged from 0 to 4 years and we do our best to get the best product in terms of fabric, quality and style.

What is the inspiration behind your SS14 collection?

We were inspired by the French riviera vintage poster from the 30s. It has this slightly retro look when it comes to shapes and colors, but we gave it our touch of humour and tinycottons prints.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

Well, we can’t tell only one ! We’re in love with all the swimmers line and the paper boats print is also one of our favourites. But mentioning only those two families is still not enough, we love it all, it’s hard to

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?

Yes, I have three kids and it’s something great, they are a huge source of inspiration ! You need to stay organized, patient, full of new ideas, all that is good for the brand also.

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

I think the most rewarding aspect would be just doing what we like, it’s very motivating and inspiring and you feel lucky to be able to begin every day like that. We get to know many fascinating people and have had a lot
of positive experience since the beginning. Facing typical company problems would be the most challenging aspect, there’s always something to improve.

How would you describe your own personal style?

Comfortable, natural, with cool pieces.

Where can our readers buy your brand?

We’re now present in many shops around the world apart of having our own online store, just to mention some countries: Holland, UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, USA, Corea, Singapore and many more, the list would be too long!

Have a look on their website, they ship worldwide.

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