Kids Fashion


Who we are is the outcome of everything we see, feel and interact with. It’s the people we meet, the air we breathe, the feelings we feel.

We are stitched together with tiny unique pieces of love, hope and despair of our past and present. We all have our own truth. We are rare and beautiful worlds, within worlds.

Interconnected islands, entwined souls, to make a bigger united world, where we all matter and belongs.

This is our hood… our worldhood, by repose ams.

Repose AMS, founded in 2014 in the heart of Amsterdam. A beautiful brand with a sense of simplicity, design and quality. Must-haves for every wardrobe. The clothes are comfortable, timeless and stylish.

We are big fan of Repose AMS! Are you? 

Shop the Repose Ams AW19 collection at Orange Mayonnaise here.