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If you’re looking for clean and classic t-shirts, sweats and tunics made out of nice fluffy cotton printed with locker-licking cool prints … We have found the brand for you! Meet One We Like, a new brand for children from Sweden founded by Helena & Vicky. And yes it’s ‘One We Like!’

One We Like

One We Like designs a very small collection with only eight styles. They believe they make the perfect styles that are workable all year around in comfortable and carefully selected colours and fabrics, sometimes they even use offcuts. Exclusive illustrations from independent artists are printed on almost every style and this definitely makes each style feel unique.

One We Like believes in quality over quantity. Their ethos is to put out a new collection not because they need it for a new season coming up, but because they have something special to show the world. So they only make a new product when they have something cool and exciting!

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Blue Stripes

One We Like