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Handmade in Spain, MAA is a striking collection of footwear in vivid colours and premium-quality leather that includes trainers, high-tops, sandals and boots. They offer a very unique style that we don’t see in any of the mainstream lines. They dare to be different! And that’s what we like so much! You might already have noticed that we are a big fan of Maa!

Maa shoes is run by Antonio Lopez-Roca de Juan and his sisters, Amanda and Manuela, surrounded with a young and very profesional team sharing the same ethical and loyal way of business.

We interviewed the lovely Amanda to find out a little bit more about this wonderful shoe brand and their new collection!

Maa ss14

How would you describe your brand?

Innovation in his designs, luxury in his materials, refinement in his finished ones, ecofriendly, continued research for his comfort, adjustment to the current world of the child and happiness in his shoes. Maá provides a new way of life to the child with his shoes.

What is the inspiration behind the SS14 collection?

Burst of colors and styles from USA West Coast

What is your favorite design from the collection?

Our favorite designs are the styles were we have combined soft colors with super vibrants ones. Those are the mixtures that none other brands try to do it because of the difficulty to a bright cool final result.

Do you have children? How does this influance your work?

My baby is the first in the family.. and she is 9 months old. Her name is Amanda or “Manditi” like we normally call her. Neither my sister or my brother have one, so it doesn’t influence in our work (YET!) Maybe when she will start running every where… Or maybe when she will ask for some specific style! who knows…??

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

Always stay at the top , always go ahead of the others, and always remain faithful to our principles always risking to get shoes of premium quality, unique styles completely different to what you’re likely to find.

***The MAA SS14 collection will become available soon but in the mean time, check out their current collection here.***

maa ss14

Maa SS14

Some of our favourite styles but there will be so much more to chose from!