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When Jow Junior debuted nearly 4 years ago, not only children accross the brand’s home country (Holland) jumped for joy but so did we here in France.

Even though Angelle Chang, the designer of Jow Junior, started off with designing for boys, she soon after started to design for girls as well. In the current collection we see jackets, dresses, trousers, vests and bloomers but one of my favourite items is definitely the skirt that Morgane is modelling, the Princess skirt NL. The skirt is made of 100% cotton,  with tulle and cotton lining. A super cool skirt that is super easy to combine with other clothing and is even available in mummy sizes.

One of Angelle’s goals is to give pieces of Dutch and Asian trends, traditions, cultures & history, trends like her Korean inspired lowcross baggy pants (soon on the blog!), history by making the Chinese knots or traditional Post NL fabrics and cultures by using Dutch Folklore fabrics, Japanese Kimono fabrics and more.

Children who are dressed in Jow Junior are absolutely stylish! Don’t you think?!

“I’m a fashion designer but above all I’m a mother who likes to make a difference, making fashion for kids even more interesting when it has its own story and origin.” Angellle Chang

Morgane’s skirt is available at

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Morgane in Jow Junior

Princess skirt


Model Morgane

– Morgane –