Kids Fashion


We cannot think of no better way to celebrate the summer, than with news about molo’s AW15 pre collection that has sneaked its way into the stores now.

This fall molo will take you on a journey through a series of styles that are more lightweight than before with design stories going from one extreme to another. From the heart of the wild, urban jungle with roaring lions, striped prey-seeking tigers and singing hummingbirds through the world of hip-hop, gold chains and YOLO-yelling, to a world where all cats are pink-coloured and made of porcelain, where dogs are wearing baseball caps and where spiders are bigger than space rockets. In short: a world where anything is possible.


On the pre collection the girls is delighted with an innovative mix of details and fabric choices with a rock’n’roll expression and lots of attitude that is present in sweatshirts with a lion head surrounded by fluffy 3D laces, butter soft leather biker jackets and the black and gold striped jeans in real glam rock style. With lots of shine, glitter and wild animal prints the girls collection will surely make your girl a little rockstar.


Molo Boys AW15

The boys also get a taste of the rock’n’roll feeling, but in this collection, it is combined with a strong and sporty trend. Look for reversible hooded tops with silky soft fleece on the inside and sweat styles with all over digital prints. The collection is inspired by the biker trend such as quilted effects on shoulders and knees, over washed matte colours and patches with rough edges. There is also the most iconic baseball inspired leather bomber jacket with wool sleeves and chenille patches.


All of molo’s styles are for cool kids. For independent, happy children. Because you have to be happy and self-confident to stand out from the crowd. 

All of molo’s baseball jackets, biker jeans, star patters, and showy leggings are now available at molo’s web shop.

What do you think of molo’s AW15 collection? Hot or not?!