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MAA is a striking collection of footwear in vivid colours and premium-quality leather that includes trainers, high-tops, sandals and boots.

The MAÁ Shoes AW14 collection has a bit of a darker colour scheme compared to their SS14 collection, but features glitter and silver in such a cool way that you think ‘I wish they would come in my size‘. Well if you wear smaller than a shoe size 41, they do!

MAÁ was founded in 2001 in the Alicante region, in Villena, Spain and due to the company’s long and colourful history, the brand built itself an excellent reputation for quality the world over.

Did you know all their shoes are handcrafted? Yes there are machines that assist, but from the the first hand cutting of the leather by hand made tools, to the stitching and the wrapping of the sole every single step of the process is manually done – meaning each shoe is unique. If you want to know more about this awesome company, feel free to check out my blog post about us visiting the MAÁ Shoes factory in Spain here

We are a big fan the MAÁ Shoes simply because they are cool to look at and practical to wear. Worth mentioning is that the high-tops fasten on the front with laces for tightening and have a zip on the side which makes them easy to slip on and off without undoing the laces each time. So totally school proof!


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Maa Shoes AW14 collection

Maa Shoes

Maa Shoes

AW14 collection Maa Shoes