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Interview Monday on Les enfants a Paris featuring the Dutch brand Lucky No.7

Would you mind introducing yourself and your brand to our readers?

I am Risma Bachoe and founder of Lucky No.7. I live with my husband Reinder and children Dewi (3 years) and Sem (1year) in Almere Poort. I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, fashion management direction purchase and have been successfully active in the retail for several years. Lucky No. 7 stands for tough, a little bit rebellious with a wink at teen fashion, comfort and a sustainability awareness. Why can’t little ones look just as tough as the big guys? The collection consists of tees, bottoms and tracksuits. 50% of the collection is made of organic cotton with elastane, which makes the clothing comfortable and supple. The basic colors are black -white and grey melee for the cool & urban look. Remarkable are the bold hand drawn prints, designed in collaboration with stylist Jeanine Hagen of Ziz-Biz. The allover look is super cool for little ones. The collection is called _Famous for my style! _with a reason: little ones will definitely steal the spotlight in a LUCKY NO. 7 outfit!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you become a chikdren’s fashion designer?

During my study I already knew that someday I wanted to design my own clothing line. This was already a dream from the beginning! My son was born on the 7th of July 2013. When he was just 3 weeks old, he got meningitis. Fortunately, he got well and he is doing more than great! But these were emotional times and it totally changed my view on life. Family, health are the most important things and goes above everything. I thought it’s now or never, why not chase my dreams which I had for a very long time. After I made the choice, I noticed by accident that the number 7 keeps returning in my life in several ways. Are you ready? Here we go: 07-07-2013 birth of Sem, 7 years together with my husband, 07-04-2013 I officially started my own business, 7 on the license plate of my car, the stylist that I work together with also have a thing with 7, her husband, son and herself are born on the 7th, 17th and 27th and so on… Therefore I decided to call the label Lucky No.7. Coincidence does not exist, something’s in life are meant to be.

What inspires your work and what do you want to inspire in others through your work?

Happy, positive and enthusiastic people inspire me. I love to be surrounded by positive people. I don’t like the words no, impossible and unable. I always say yes to new adventures, no matter what the outcome may be. If you never try you will never know. Children inspire me because they are so themselves, no boundaries, what you see is what you get! I hope to inspire people to do what they love. Think big, get out of your comfort zone. I did it and I’m so glad that I have taken the first steps. And yes, it’s scary but so worth it.

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?

I have two children. Dewi (3 years) and Sem (1 year). When I did some shopping for Dewi I could spend so much money on so many lovely clothes. But when I wanted to buy clothing for Sem I really couldn’t find trendy, rad and affordable clothing in the Netherlands. Everything was the same! I wanted something different. Therefore I thought why not start a baby/toddler boys only collection! 

What are some essentials that every child should have in their closet?

A little black baggy pants with a rad tee combined with a beanie and a coll scarf. Last but definitely not least, fresh pair of Jordans!

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is to see all those little baby’s & toddlers in Lucky No.7!! We always get a lot of pictures of our happy customers. We always try to post the pictures as much as we can on Social Media, in a way to say thank you! It’s also so nice to meet our (new) customers during events and to hear how enthusiastic they are.

If one of our readers is ony in your city, Almere, for 24 hours. What one thing would you recommend they do?

We love to go to the Kemphaan in Almere. It’s such a nice place for the children with a small farm, a tropical garden, small waterfalls and so much more. They also have each Saturday a local/organic goods market. The kids love it!


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