Kids Fashion


This post has taken me much longer than usual to write, because first I had to click on almost every item in the store, and imagine what my children would look like wearing each of them. Come and see why.

You know that favourite pair of pants you have, those that stretch in all the right places and just feel comfortable all the time? Imagine for a moment having a whole wardrobe like that. Little10days want that for your children, with each delightfully fun and quirky childrens wardrobe piece designed for comfortable play, with a serious dollop of street-cred style on top.

With an on-trend colour palette starring grey, hazel, gold and blue mixed with fabulous prints, stripes and a shark no less, the Little10days AW17 collection has all the makings for a wardrobe of some seriously magnificent basics, perfect for layering all year round.

The Little10days AW17 collection is available at Orange Mayonnaise here.