Kids Fashion


Unisex, trendy, comfortable and stylish are just some keywords to describe the new Dutch label Little 10days.

In 2007 10Days started out with 15 styles in 3 colours and soon the collection consisted of more than 100 styles in six colours! No complex strategy or 5 year plan, just a basic instinct inspired on two things; comfort and fun! And now they have expanded their line with children’s clothing! A move that makes us very happy!

“Be unexpected or simple | never regular”

Little 10days offers unisex clothing for children aged 3 to 10 years old (next season they will add size 11/12 to their line!). No screaming colours but colours such as wine red, light grey and soft pink.  The designs are pretty basic but with some surprising details such as this beautiful wine red coloured blouse with the buttons on the back. I like! 

Little 10days blouse

Little 10days is now available in the webshop of What do you think of this new label? Hot or Not?