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In a mystical land far far up in the North there is a garden where children play freely through the endless arctic summers. It’s a garden inhabited only by children and their imaginary animal friends and Iglo & Indi have named it The Secret Garden. It has endless open fields, a flower covered hill they call Flowery hill and the nights are filled with amber sunshine.

In the SS14 collection, Iglo & Indi stay true to their classics. Bows, ruffles and stripes in their classic piexes; T-shirts, pants & hoodies are decorated with unique prints from The Secret Garden. The colour palette includes bright green and yello, vibrant magnenta, tangerine and water blue colours complemented with floral prints, pearl white and nostalgic lace.

The Iglo & Indi collection is broken down into two age groups; for new borns to 18 months and for boys and girls from 2-12 years old.

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Lilly is wearing the Kristin ruffle overall from the babygirl collection. An overall with ruffles and Pom-Pom, one of Iglo & Indi’s characters, the bunny print. 



Wish me luck and wish me

well, while I hop the long,

green, slopes of life.

I’m nervous and brave.

(Is that even possible at the same time?)

Let me be safe.

Lilly in Iglo and Indi

Lilly in Iglo and Indi

Iglo & Indi - The Secret Garden