L’estaminet des enfants rouge – Bobo, yes, but still lovely. Insulated from the honking horns of the city, this place is a true oasis in central Paris. This small, organic canteen is warm and welcoming, a tavern for weary urban travellers in the heart of the Enfants Rouges market. Though somewhat difficult to find, it is far from secret – especially in summer when the colourful chairs come out to allow customers to enjoy the aromas of the market. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays, and the ‘traditional’ menu (€20) is hearty and original. In addition to hot drinks and organic apple juice, take your pick from scrambled eggs, salad, assorted cheeses and cold cuts, fruit salad, cottage cheese, scones and jam. A plate full of variety and good products, it competes with the ‘fish menu’, which, for an extra €2, replaces the sausage and cheese with smoked salmon, herring, mackerel and taramasalat.

Horaires d’ouverture :
du Mardi au Samedi de 9h00 à 20h00
et le dimanche de 9h00 à 15h00
et du jeudi au samedi de 9h à 23h aux beaux jours!

Adresse :
39, rue de Bretagne – 75003 Paris

Métro :
Arts et métiers, Temple, Filles du Calvaire

Téléphone :
01 42 72 28 12



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