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Some people might think scarves are mostly a winter thing. To a Parisian, however, a scarf is a security blanket you can wear almost every day the year. Only the absolute hottest summer weather will stop Parisians from rocking un foulard, and even then….

Also, there are the health considerations…  You should see the looks I sometimes get from my kid’ teacher when I drop him at school sans scarf, even when it’s not that cold. In reality it’s not just for cold weather though, Paris can get very polluted (they even banned cars for certain days this year when it was at it’s worse), and on the Metro the dust and dirt is not something you want to breath in so up comes the scarf and the smell and pollution stays out.

It’s a practical and versatile garment, and since we have a new website yeh, we have teamed up with the French brand Le Marchand d’Etoiles and are allowed to give 2 foulards à étoiles away!



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Le Marchand d'Etoiles Giveaway

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The winner will be announced in this blogpost on Thursday the 21st of May 2015 at 8pm.


Le Merchand d'Etoiles Giveaway


Win a foulard

Alexander’s T-shirt is by Le Merchand d’Etoiles as well.

Le Marchand d’Etoiles is the brainchild of three mothers, Dorothee, Elsa and Valerie, all of whom have been working professionally in the fashion industry for quite some time and each have their very specific role in the team. Dorothee, is the visionary, having created successful children’s collections for different high-end clothing companies. Elsa, the fashionista, is the primary designer and textiles expert; and Valerie brings her wild graphics to the line.

Focusing on the soft, beautiful things that provide a child with “sweet dreams”, Le Marchand D’etoiles children’s collection includes pyjamas and nightdresses, t-shirts (for every day wear as well), shorts, bodysuits as well as accessories for newborns and young children. 

Everything, from the clothing to the accessories, is made from materials (cotton, velvet, think luxurious jersey) carefully selected to provide ultimate comfort and cosines for sleep time, with a sense of style and sweetness. 

Offering lovely collections for children aged between 0 and 12 years, so that they look just as smart at night-time as they do during the day.

Le Marchand d’etoiles can be found in many boutiques wordwide and online

[T-shirt Lena by Mini Mignon Paris]