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Born on a ship raised by the waves. Clothing that supports kids in their daily adventures. A story about “feeling free” wherever you are… Time for in interview with The Harbour Kids.

Would you mind introducing yourself and your brand to our readers?

Hello, my name is Maud van Beek and I am 30 years old, born and raised in Heeze, a small village in the Brabant province in Holland. I’ve been living in Rotterdam for the past nine years though.

What was your background prior to starting The Harbour Kids?

I always knew I wanted to start my own business one day. Preferably my own kids clothing label. It was when I was working for a Dutch fashion brand that I realised I couldn’t express myself and my creativity and that I didn’t have the freedom I wanted so I decided to quit.  My boyfriend, who’s been working in this branche for the past 11 years, is the one who made my biggest dream come true. We discuss everything together and he taught me a lot. I’m thankful for everything he has done for me. He does the production side for The Harbour Kids, he is my partner in crime.

How did you develop your skills as a designer?

I have studied Graphic Design at the Sint Lucas in Boxtel. After that I went to Art School in Rotterdam to study fashion. Here we learned how to draw patterns, how to use a sewing machine, design by hand and how to design using a computer amongst other things.

At what age did you first notice art around you?

From a very early age. I come from a very creative family. We love music and art. I’ve always been into arts & crafts and design clothes for my barbies.

What sort of clothes and or accessories did you enjoy wearing as a child and what did you hate wearing?

In my time the brand Oilily was a big hit! Their colourful designs and outstanding quality I remember well. We used to get a lot of Oilily pieces from my mom’s friend.

My family used to make a lot of their clothing themselves. I found this quite strange, but I can’t remember that there is something I didn’t want to wear. I loved fashion from very early age and my parents let me decide what to wear, within reason of course.

Whenever I had something new to wear I would show my teacher.  I remember when I turned 6 years old I received the most beautiful ‘sailor’ dress with a bow to wear in my hear and white patent leather click clack shoes with a small heel that made an amazing sound. Click clack, click clack.

Can you tell us a bit more about your designs from the new collection? What were your inspirations for the new The Harbour Kids looks?

Spread your wings and fly!

Ahoy Mate! Gully has spread his wings van has left the Harbour of Rotterdam towards England. This you will see in the AW18 collection by The Harbour Kids. The adventures Gully experiences during this journey are reflected within the collection. The Harbour kids creates playful, cool and comfortable clothing. Spread your wings and accompany Gully towards all his adventures!

The Daily Catch

The main character of The Harbour Kids is Gully. This little sea gull always returns within the collection as a badge or print. Now that Gully has left behind the Rotterdam harbour, the AW18 collection will show you what his adventures are about. His first stop is England, funny English quotes are all over this collection.

Because of all his travelling Gully gets hungry so check out all the shrimps, crabs and oysters printed on our Tee’s and sweats. The grey jumper with large crab print is an awesome item for coming winter. Cool and rebellious, just like the sweater with an all over oyster print. Don’t forget to read this seasons motto in red on the sleeves: “No grit, no pearls.”

Navy, red, white and grey are the main colours of this winter collection but when Gully crosses the pond aqua blue is added to the colour palet. The winter jacket is really considered an eye catcher this collection.

The Harbour Kids will be facing many adventures this winter.

Over land and over sea.

Will you come and see?

How does it feel to see a child wearing your brand?

That’s an amazing feeling!! A lot of customers tag The Harbour Kids in their pictures on for example Instagram but seeing someone in real life wearing my brand makes my heart jump!

What do you love most about your job?

Being creative. Starting something from scratch and building the brand together. We want people to like our designs and the fairytale of Gully, the seagull.

The freedom I get is great but sometimes scary as well as I want everything to be perfect. We still have a long way to go and we learn along the way.

What is your greatest strength?

Think positive. Don’t worry too much.

What is your greatest weakness?

Since I don’t worry too much and I’m a positive thinker I believe that this can be a weakness as well. Whenever goes something wrong it really gets me.

I can be a bit chaotic but luckily my boyfriend is there most of the time to help me with this.

Do you have children?

Yes! I have 2 children. Loa is almost 2 years old and Cillian 4 months!

Where can we find The Harbour Kids?

You can find The Harbour Kids in some of the most beautiful shops in Holland and the rest of the wold.