Kids Fashion


The Portuguese brand has a special approach to the concept of style and a very clear purpose: revolutionise the fashion world! It’s a brand with solid social and cultural values, thought for children and teenagers with ages between 2 and 16, with a promise to last a lifetime.

For this new collection called THINK BEYOND, Barn of Monkeys has decided to push the boundaries of imagination honouring the minds of the brightest men in History and their greatest inventions.

Putting “a little texture to the immaterial“, they have chosen to mix a palette of colours such as cosmic blue, green, purple and red with softest ones like water tones and yellow, adding abstract patterns to their magic recipe. “There are no boundaries to your imagination… If you can dream it, you can do it! Because the secret ingredient is you!

Futuristic, yet very playful, THINK BEYOND AW18 is the perfect combination of smart and stylish. With loose and neutral designs, Barn Of Monkeys once again standing for gender standardisation, designing fashionable outfits perfectly suitable for both boys and girls. Think Beyond is an invitation to think outside the lines and trust your imagination. In other words, the key to happiness!

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