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Picture an Island far  in the artic north with snowy mountains, icy lakes and jet-black beaches. In these fantastic frozen landscapes carefree children run, dance, laugh and play with their animal companions. Emulating their movements, they sprint like the fox, jump like the rabbit, or charge like the bear. With a foxtail here and a bear paw there, some have even begun to take the shape of their soft and furry friends. In their own little enchanted world, frozen in time and space, anything is possible.

Iglo & Indi is a children’s clothing company from Reykjavik, Iceland. And yes, we have featured this brand before as we’re big fan! The philosophy of the company is simple: To create children’s clothes that are stylish and beautiful without ever compromising on comfort and practicality. 

Made from the softest quality fabrics and decorated with bows, ruffles, patches and unique hand drawn prints, the Iglo & Indi Frozen Landscapes AW14 collection stays true to it’s signature.


Facebook: igloindi

Emily and I organised a big Les enfants a Paris playdate in the park yesterday and Manon and Alexander, both dressed in tops from the Iglo & Indi Frozen landscapes collection got on so well. Manon is wearing the ‘all over bunny top and Alexander Iglo and Indi’s ‘all over bear raglan top. Two of my very own favourites.

Frozen landscapes Iglo& Indi

Model Manon

Iglo & Indi Aw14 collection

Manon is wearing Iglo & Indi’s all over bunny top combined with her silver cloud tutu. Alexander is wearing the all over bear raglan top combined with his Alabama Grey jeans available at Toddler And Tees and leather dark grey boots available at The Little Nordic Shop.


Photographs taken in Paris by the talented children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya.

Originally from Toronto Canada, Emily just began a new journey, one that took her to live in Paris, France for a year. Still only 21  and completing an undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature, and South Slavic Studies, Emily has huge talents, and not only in the photographic field.