Kids Fashion


When it comes to childrens clothing, most parents find it hard to find many choices for boys. Let us introduce to Hitch-Hiker.

The Hitch-Hiker boy is in contact with his essence: nature and the free spirit of animals that populate forests. He walks amidst forests with soft aged effect sweatshirts in the most natural tones coupled with majestic branches and superb leafy branch ends. He is enveloped by light coats with faux fur linings inspired in wolf mantles, a symbol of strength and loyalty. He also wears jackets with unexpected linings with photographic prints of noble dwellers of the forests and sky such as eagles and bears. Cardigans have all over prints of leaves, some of which contain refined flock effects. When our boy chooses an elegant style, he inspires himself in military chic: rigorous coats made of boiled wool or fabric, jackets with golden stripes – like great military men in display. Fabric stars and applied stripes are as solemn as on ceremony uniforms. In order not to forget the world of fantasy, there are playful or mythological details like unusual prints of anthropomorphic animals dressed as gentlemen. In urban version, the Hitch-Hiker boy chooses a contemporary look inspired in neighbourhoods and skylines of metropolitan and modern cities: technical fabric sweatshirts with all over prints, young preppy waisted shirts, and sweaters with glimpses of fashionable neighbourhoods.

The Hitch-Hiker AW16 collection, designed for boys aged 3 months – 14 years old, is available here.