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Garder and the Gang grabbed our attention a couple of months ago with their skull and sultan prints…  Today we are happy to feature their AW13 collection and we interviewed the owner, Kristin Nystrom.

I was happy to meet Kristin Nystrom, who’s also a professional graphic designer and photographer, at Playtime Paris last July. Kristin is Swedish and lives in Singapore. She custom silk-screens her designs onto each garment, creating a wonderful and unique collection. It’s really like nothing else out there. It’s cute with a hint of attitude, just like our children.

The Gardner and the Gang AW13 collection has some refreshing new prints and my favourite is definitely Leo the lion. Check out the rest of the collection on Gardner and the Gang‘s website or at Dino Deluxe

Interview with Kristen Nystrom, the owner.

Kristin Nystrom

Kristin with husband and Florence. (Her daughter Ava is not in the photograph)

How would you describe your brand?

Cool fun and play friendly 😉

What lead you to working with fashion?

I have always had a strong fashion interest and with Gardner and the gang I found an opportunity to combine my graphic illustrations and fashion

How do you define your own personal style?

Perhaps Rock bohemian would be a suitable name for it 😉 Who has been your biggest fashion influence? Not just one person but people around me ( I love people watching and get inspired by people both regards to my own dress sense and for Gardner and the Gang.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career until now?

I have a very interesting project coming up. ( stay tuned 😉 I feel very proud about that. Before I started this brand I had great opportunities to see the world in my previous job. All those meeting different people and cultures has really made me who I am today. I am very thankful for that.

What do you find most rewarding, and most challenging about your job?

The most rewarding is definitely when kids love the stuff I do. When I get comments such as my child wanted to sleep with the rain boots on etc… ( maybe not so fun for mama 😉 The most challenging is to keep on finding inspiration for new characters for my illustrations. They all have to follow my theme but be current and fresh.

What is your favourite item from your AW13 line?

I love all of them but somehow I feel a little extra for Leo the lion sweat shirt. I am happy with the way Leo turned out 😉

What do you like and dislike about the fashion industry?

I like that it is fast paced and inspiring. I dislike that it ( can be) impersonal and competitive.

Gardner and the Gang